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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Margarita Cupcakes

After seeing a picture of Margarita Cupcakes, Megan and I decided we had to try them! Overall they were disappointing, but it was certainly a learning experience and it's opened the door to other cool cupcake recipes we want to try. Up next? Rainbow cupcakes with buttercream frosting! Watch out.

The batter tasted amazing before we baked it, but the cake turned out slightly dense and didn't have as much of the lime flavor. MISTAKE #1: Don't over beat the batter! Next time I would say more lime and more baking powder. Another problem we ran into is that we beat the frosting foreverrrr and it still never peaked. Not sure whether to chalk it up to human error or the frosting gods. We chilled it in the fridge for roughly 15 minutes, tried again, and got small peaks.

Regardless of the texture, the frosting tasted great. With the frosting the dense cake wasn't bad, but a glass of milk was needed. Because of the egg in the frosting we decided it would be a good idea to refrigerate the cupcakes (MISTAKE #2), however this made them stiff and ruined the consistency of the frosting, even after thawing.

Disappointing but not discouraging! More cupcakes to come, and one day we've resolved to give this recipe another go with what we know now.


  1. Okay, I know I commented. But I'll comment again. They look delicious! I see what you're talking about with the texture but if the taste is there then that's good.

    I love this blog! It looks so professional yet fun at the same time! <3!

  2. amazing recipe I will diffinitely be trying this one"!

  3. thanks for the tips as I am going to give these a go for a party!

  4. Too bad they didn't turn out as well as you'd hoped, but they are beautiful! And that frosting sounds amazing!

  5. thanks for being so honest about the success of the cupcakes, you would never know they didn't come out quite right, they look great in the pictures!

  6. They do look so pretty and I'm sorry that they didn't turn out exactly as you hoped!

  7. oh no, I'm sad they lost their flavor but they look amazing!

  8. These look sooooo pretty. I bet they would be delicious if they turned out right! Better luck next time. Baking is a trail & error kind of thing hey?

    Thanks for joining my blog! I look forward to reading more of yours. You girls have some very interesting postings :)



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