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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Vegan Challenge

For the rest of January WTF is going vegan! We both have our reasons, which we'll share below, and we are very excited to experiment and have fun exploring the vegan world. Expect many S.O.S. calls on our Twitter and Facebook.
While we realize you can eat vegan and still shop at your regular supermarket, we really wanted to give one of our local health food stores a visit. After a friend told us about Earth Fare we had to stop by and with a food philosophy no one can argue against, we knew we were at the right place. We didn't buy all of our weekly groceries there but we picked up a few things that we knew Publix wouldn't have a wide variety of. Our most exciting purchases: red lentils and quinoa, tempeh, black soy beans and a parsnip!

Kelsey's Reasons for Going Vegan
As a former vegetarian, I often toyed with the idea of eating vegan. While I'm not sure I could commit myself to a lifelong vegan diet, it's something I can see myself doing for short periods. The New Year is a perfect time for it because it fits in wonderfully with my 2011 goals. Plus, last week I joined my office's Biggest Loser competition and no one can deny the health benefits of a proper vegan lifestyle.

While I'm not necessarily "in it to win it," I am in it to lose it! I don't exactly have a competitive advantage over those that have more weight to lose but I do need to lose the weight, and what better motivation than stepping on a scale in front of another person weekly? People keep telling me, "You don't need to lose weight! Why are you doing this?" which is flattering and all, but trust me, I could stand to lose a little. At 139.6 lbs and 5 ft. 2 in., I am considered overweight according to my BMI. I know that BMI doesn't cover the whole picture, but I can tell you for sure that muscle isn't a big contributor to my weight. I'd love to be nestled comfortably in the "normal weight" range at 120 lbs., the weight my mom was when she got married.

Paired with my temporary vegan diet will be a rigorous exercise plan full of cardio, toning and yoga.

Megan's Reasons for Going Vegan
There’s something I’ve secretly wanted to do for years now. Since I’m in my last semester I’ve decide to take a leap… I enrolled in a contemporary dance class! In an attempt to live the semester like a dancer I’ve decided I need to recommit myself to the gym and focus on eating healthier. Sure I want to lose a little weight (who doesn’t?), but for me it’s more about proving that I’m capable of doing anything I put my mind to. I want to dance in a controlled and elegant manner, not stumble around the studio. Friday afternoon Kelsey and I were discussing our respective healthy living plans for the New Year and I had an epiphany – We’re going to eat Vegan for the rest of January! To be honest I’m not sure if I realized exactly what I was getting into at first (eek, no coffee creamer!), but I’m really excited to take on this challenge. I’m confident that with Kelsey as my comrade in arms I’ll find ways to make Vegan food that is both healthy and tasty.


ahealthyjd.com said...

Megan, don't you fret they make both soy coffee creamer and coconut coffee creamer :) I'm allergic to soy so I use the coconut creamer (I get it at Earthfare) and its a great substitute.
I think this is a great challenge! One of my newer resolutions is to cut out as much dairy as possible. I'm already a vegetarian but I realized that I can totally live without milk, creamer and butter and stick to small amounts of cheese and eggs. My reasons are more environmental but losing weight because I cut out half and half would be awesome :)

English Vegan said...

Good luck, if you're not planning on buying vegan cookbooks there are plenty of us Twitter folks and bloggers to help you with recipes!

Cooking Creation said...

Good luck in your weight loss endeavors! I tried to do the vegetarian thing once but it so did not work for me. I would dream about steak at night lol!

Kelsey said...

thats the cutest little farmers/health market/grocer EVER! omg its just too cute Kels! And you definitely picked up some of my fav foods. i got the same black soy beans but i havent tried them yet. id love to know what they taste like and if theyre anything like edamame beans...

i think uve got a healthy mindset..and its not like ur trying to go crazy, u just want to feel more comfortable in ur skin. either way, ur gorgeous!


Acid Alkaline said...

Vegan diet is really provides a health benefit. Regular fruit and vegetable consumption reduces the risk of ischemic heart disease. A recent survey of 47,000 Italians found that persons in the highest tertile of vegetable consumption had a 21and 11% reduced risk of myocardial infarction and angina, respectively, compared with those in the lowest tertile of vegetable consumption

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